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I have been practicing Japanese martial arts, Judo and Jujutsu, for more than 20 years.  Then, my way of thinking must be strongly influenced by my discipline of the martial arts.


I sometimes think that a patent attorney may be similar to sword-smiths, such as Masamune and Muramasa who were living in the Kamakura era (1185–1333) in Japan.

There is an interesting story about Masamune and Muramasa which is presented in “Zen and Japanese Culture” written by Dr. Daisetz T. Suzuki, as follows.


“Masamune flourished in the latter part of the Kamakura era, and his works are uniformly prized by all the sword connoisseurs for their high qualities. As far as the sharpness of the blade is concerned, Masamune may not exceed Muramasa, one of his ablest disciples, but the former is said to have something morally inspiring which comes from his personality. The legend goes thus: When someone was trying to test the sharpness of a Muramasa, he placed it in a current of water watching how it behaved against the dead leaves flowing down from the upper part of the stream. He saw every one of the leaves which met the blade was cut in twain. He then placed a Masamune and was surprised to find that the leaves avoid the blade. The Masamune was not bent on killing, it was more than a cutting machine; but the Muramasa could not go beyond the latter quality, there was nothing divinely inspiring in it.”


I would like to be a patent attorney who is trying to obtain patents like the Masamune, rather than the Muramasa, for my clients who own the swords or patents for their business as Samurai or warrior having a principle of Bushido, which is the code of the Samurai, or chivalry.






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